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Commercial Flooring UK Environmental Policy

Commercial Flooring UK is committed to eliminating or reducing harmful effects on the environment arising from its operations. We do this by supplying environmentally friendly products and improving activities which may damage the environment.

In relation to our products we:

  • advise our customers on products which are environmentally friendly
  • offer products made from recycled materials as an alternative to conventional ones
  • check on the environmental effects of specific products (i.e. production and disposal)
  • check the environmental policies of manufacturers

Throughout our site, our green leaf symbol is used to indicate products which are particularly friendly to the environment either because they use sustainable or recycled materials.

As a business we:

  • aim to reduce the amount of resources we use in running the business and re-use or repair where practical, where not practical we try to recycle component materials
  • use products made from recycled materials where practical
  • educate our staff in environmental issues and encourage them to suggest improvements within the business
  • regularly review environmental concerns with the aim of further protecting the environment
  • encourage others to consider the impact their activities have on the environment

In practical terms this means:

  • we promote the use of carpet tiles, which are less wasteful when fitting
  • we arrange direct delivery from the manufacturer to customer's address, saving on double transportation
  • our vehicles use unleaded petrol or diesel fuel for economy, and we are considering conversion of some vehicles to gas
  • we are using electronic methods for sales and administration more often to reduce paperwork

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